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The Story of the Lotus

I was on a bus in Thailand riding along the pitted roads out in the forest region of Sriracha in the Chonburi province.

I remember staring out of the window just watching the scenery go by. We passed a little pool of water and in the water surrounded by litter, long grass and the exhaust fumes of passing traffic, were the most beautiful lotuses rising out of the water. Some were in full bloom, others still waiting to bud, some with mud on the petals, others as clean and as vibrant as ever.

How do they do it?

Each one existing and living in the mud until its eventual rise above.

In that pool of mud, there were lotuses that looked perfect and others that appeared slightly dirty or damaged but they were there existing in their own magnificence and individuality above the mud. I’m sure there were others that didn’t make it to the rise above, perhaps they were stuck in the mud, it could be that they were just about to surface. I don’t know. But I was inspired and humbled all at once.

Life as we know it can be dirty, dark and difficult, that’s true. Very often we feel stuck but what if we had the view that life is like the mud that nourishes the lotus. Our environment that we grow up in has so many lessons to teach us- if we are prepared to look and learn and grow.

As human beings we all have free will, we can live in the darkness, the mud and the mire and simply exist drinking in the toxins of life. Or we can gain courage and strength and learn to rise above. We have this one life, whatever it may look like. It is rich with lessons and learning and transformation. Without mud there is no lotus. Without our struggles there is no transformation.

That is the law of the lotus.