Mindfulness Workshops And Training

Interactive group training programs designed to help lawyers and their staff find balance.  

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Get Personalized Training and Attend Live Workshops on Mindfulness.

Lotus Law offer workshops or training sessions to help people learn about mindfulness. Our workshops are usually one-day long, but we can also schedule a longer series of classes if needed. We start by talking about what it means to be mindful and the benefits that come with this way of being in the world.

Then, we open up for discussion around how you could practice applying these skills in your daily life while working on solving problems together as a group. Finally, we close out the session by practicing some techniques for cultivating awareness such as body scanning meditation and loving kindness meditation so participants understand them better before they go home to try practicing on their own time outside the class setting.

Lotus Law commonly offers 6-week courses designed to help inspire lasting change in your team. Regardless of your timeline, a mindfulness practice can have a massive impact in the office or at home. 

Workshops Tailored Specifically for Legal Professionals

Lotus Law’s programs are designed and run by Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, Barrister, Solicitor, and Mindfulness teacher. Working as a lawyer since 1998, she has decades of experience in the legal field, and starting in 2009 became a meditation and mindfulness practitioner. 

Working as both a lawyer and a mindfulness teacher gives Nicolle a deep understanding of the types of issues that legal professionals can face.  She can meet with your team and provide realistic and applicable tools to improve the mental health of your partners and your staff.

Classes with someone who fully understands your team and industry allows you to go deeper to reach heights your team may have never considered. If this resonates with you, please allow me to take your hand and help you transform your team with a new mindfulness practice.  

Where do you host workshops and training?

Workshops and training programs can be attended in-person or online. We host trainings in-person at the Lotus Law offices, or our team can come to you to provide training directly to your firm.

Of course, with a transition to online we offer virtual training you can attend from the comfort of your home. Documents and handouts are provided, and actionable goals are set in workshops to encourage a consistent mindfulness practice after the appointment ends.  

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Through my own personal journey I have created a wonderful toolbox for my clients and students and now I want to share them with you!

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