Separating/Divorcing is difficult. It is an overwhelming process for everyone involved. While you can trust your lawyer to be there for you on the legal side, very often the emotional separation is left for you to deal with by yourself…..and yet they go hand in hand.

The key to a successful process is having mastery over your emotional separation. This course teaches you to Be a Better YOU for the sake of YOUR  family. 

You will MASTER how to:

  • Differentiate Between the Emotional Separation and the Legal Separation
  • Understand Separation Concerns
  • Discover Your Own Emotional Triggers
  • Create Self-Awareness and Self Worth During the Separation Process
  • Learn Strategies for Maintaining Emotional Balance and Control
  • Become a Calmer You
  • Design Your Own Mindfulness Tool Box

Master Your Separation for Separating Couples


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