The Law Society of Ontario has accredited this Program with 1.5 hours of professionalism content plus 1.0 EDI hour (for a total of 2.5 professionalism hours inclusive of EDI)

This is a Program is for legal professionals who function in the real world but perhaps not at their best. An interplay between neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

A lawyer’s mind is wired differently in order for us to be proficient and professional in our careers. Although this is essential for our professional life it has a huge impact and stress on our personal lives which in turn creates stress and anxiety which may lead to depression and self medicating habits.

This workshop/program allows the participants to self identify those areas in their life that need improvement (both at home and at work) so that they can function optimally with a better understanding of themselves and those around them.

Goal of the Program:

  • Gain perspective and objectivity even with challenging situations and people.
  • Create a balance between work and life.

The program provides:

  • Simple tools that can easily be incorporated into practice when engaging with difficult clients, counsel, judges and staff.
  • Tips for managing your practice:

Learn How to:

  • Create Engagement Letters that reflect the values of your practice
  • Create Engagement Letters that set out client expectations and lawyer expectations.
  • Bring civility, compassion end emotional intelligence to your practice.
  • Understand the impact of communication; how speech and words have power.
  • Engage in impactful, respectful and empowering communication to enhance negotiation and resolution.

Simplify Your Life and Practice in 4 Steps


Access 3 Free Guided Meditations

Download and listen to free audio meditations designed specifically for legal professionals that can help quell fears and calm your mind.