About the event

Attuned: Becoming Trauma Informed & Trauma Responsive in Professional Settings 

(Focus on the Legal Profession)

Trauma is the unspoken actor in a dysfunctional legal system. This training will equip you to respond proactively and effectively.

This training is designed for professionals in the legal field. It is an immersive in-person learning experience designed to foster exploration and understanding of research related to the psychology, neuroscience, and developmental science of trauma.

Over the span of three days, you will cultivate a greater awareness of how trauma influences relational dynamics in both personal and professional spheres.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Type 1 Trauma & Type 2 Trauma
  • The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • The Importance of Polyvagal Theory and Developmental Trauma
  • Signs & Symptoms of Organizational Trauma

The training will equip you with tools to recognize, attune to, and effectively respond to trauma within workplace settings. Delving into resourcing practices such as meditation, and transparent communication skills, you will gain strategies for regulating your nervous system for higher levels of responsiveness to workplace stressors.

These resourcing techniques are invaluable for combating burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and other prevalent health concerns within professional settings. The journey towards being trauma-informed is ongoing, an evolution rather than a destination, and it begins from within.

The call to action to become trauma-informed compels us to show up for ourselves and those we support in a manner that enhances efficacy, aligns with our shared humanity, and upholds professional standards and protocols.

Accreditation by the Law Society of Ontario has been secured:

Total Approved Professionalism: 9 hours and 0 minutes

Total Approved EDI Professionalism: 6 hours and 0 minutes

Where: The Glenerin Inn and Spa: 1695 The Collegeway, Mississauga, ON L5L 3S7

For those requiring accommodation we have a group rate secured at:

The Admiral Inn and Suites 2161 North Sheridan Way Mississauga, ON  L5K 1A3

Please call them to book your accommodation at 1 888 236 4660  and use the Group Code: ATTUNED

Single occupancy per room per night : $149.95 plus HST

Double occupancy per room per night: $159.99  plus HST


Friday November 10, 2023 : 9am – 5pm ET

Saturday November 11, 2023 : 9am – 3pm ET

Sunday November 12, 2023: 9am – 3pm ET

Attuned: Becoming Trauma Informed and Trauma Responsive In Professional Settings: 3 Day in Person Training November 10-12, 2023 CAD$1,800